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Our Story


We are children of Asian descent. We have never visited the country our ancestors come from and we do not speak the language. But you see it in our faces. The way we best CONNECT WITH OUR CULTURE is through the food and flavors our parents grew up with. Let us share our mixed heritage with you!


Our dad was a captain in the U.S. army stationed in Korea in the 1960’s. It is there that he met a beautiful local Korean girl who he fell in love with, married and eventually brought home when his service was through. Moving to a new country, our mother adapted to being a part of a new culture where she raised four children. She learned to cook all the traditional American dishes which she fed us every night. However, there was always a pot of rice on the stove, a variety of banchans (side dishes) and a jar of kimchi in the refrigerator. Eventually, the majority of her family immigrated from Korea to California, where we were raised. Gathering with our Korean side of the family was frequent and always involved a spread of food featuring the most amazing marinated grilled meats.

Son Son Asian Grill is a tribute to our mom, our mixed Korean heritage and our family’s unique perspective of food. The menu is inspired by the fusion of cultures we were raised with, including elements from both our American and Asian roots.